Don’t call it a comeback.

April 22, 2016 at 3:09 pm

“Good evening everybody”

Davis Pleat

Apologies for the 2 years, 2 months and 20 day hiatus…. or 891 days whatever way you want to look at it. (Yes, of course I’ve also factored in the leap year, what sort of mug do you take me for?).

I’m currently sitting in my Björn Borg pants in an AirBnB in Shenzhen as I deliberate where the HECK I should start..

Having moved to Shanghai with Lina in September? 2014, I’ve for the meantime at least moved out of the city as of mid-February 2016. Shanghai has been an experience, which I’m sure I’ll delve back into in future blog posts. Most of my time in the city was spent working remotely with N, whilst continuing to study Chinese and travel throughout the Country & Asia.

Lina is currently back in Uppsala studying International Relations (let’s hope that’s the only relations she’s experiencing at the moment) and I’ve decided to take advantage of the online study /work and live a bit of a bucket list goal – to live as a Digital Nomad (© Wankers) for a while.

I first had a palava leaving Xiamen on the last day of my VISA during Chinese New Year. Turns out it’s quite a busy time to travel, and my boat to Kinmen /Jinmen in Taiwan was also delayed because of Fog. Having finally managed to leave the country, I spent a great month or so in Taiwan.. visiting Jinmen, Gaoxiong, Tainan, Taizhong, Taipei, Taidong, Hualian, before returning back to Taipei.

After that I went to Thailand (Chiangmai & Bangkok) in order to attend Jonny’s stag party. Afterwards I went to Myanmar (Yangon, Bagan, Lake Inle, Mandalay) for 10 days or so, before finally returning to the Middle Kingdom via Shenzhen.

I’m still working and studying right now, and have the goal of looking at the job sitch in China for a potential last outing before heading back to the UK at the end of May for my Father’s 70th Birthday & Richard’s Wedding in Spain in early June. If I don’t find anything relevant in the intervening month and a bit, then it’s quite likely that I’m going to return to Europe (or what’s left of it with the upcoming #Brexit vote) for some fresh air and some new job opportunities.

All’s good with me, will fill in some deets in the near future.

Kloveyoubye x