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Schönes Wochenende

October 13, 2013 at 11:17 pm

Evening all,

Just a quick check-in as it’s been a couple of days since my debut post.

The weekend (yes I’m including Friday in that, why wouldn’t I?) has been ok. I’m slowly going a bit crazy back at home from lack of human contact, but it has been a reasonably productive few days.

On Friday I signed up for a couple of weeks at Melbourn Gym – I watched the England game there on Friday night at a canter and have managed to get in a swim on Saturday and Sunday as well. On Saturday I managed to do a whole length underwater, which is some pretty impressive shiz for me. I was beginning to think 10 seconds under water was my record.


Andros Townsend scores on his England debut vs. Black Mountain (4-1)

I’ve done a lot of Chinese over the past couple of days, handing in one piece for Oral Proficiency this evening. My brain has certainly been less full of fuck in the past, although it’s not been too bad. You’ve certainly had worse.



I’ve managed to get through the whole season of ‘Educating Essex’ on 4OD (7 episodes, approx 5h 15mins, approx 50% of the time on in the background), which is actually FANTASTISK. I thought Educating Yorkshire was a great show, but this puppy (the original as far as I’m aware) was brilliant. It’s difficult not feel empathy, respect and inspiration throughout the series. Young people aren’t bad guys.. no matter what Rupert Murdoch’s media empire tells you.

Mr. Drew is an absolute hero.

I’ve also been talking to Lina a lot on facebook and Skype. Which has been lovely (and I’ve been prettttyy hilarious).



Other bits and pieces that I can think of right now; Cooked a great steak, my HardDrive is effed.. the story will continue, Lots of Incense burned, iPhone has left China and will be with me soon.

I need to hit the hay shortly as I’m planning on starting my day at 7 AM Swimmin’ and Gymin’, before heading back to Breakfast and have class at 9AM. I didn’t go to sleep until 4 yesterday morning so this is a big test for the body clock.

Talk soon babes. x


Edwyn Collins’ cover of ‘Love’s been good to me’ has probably been my track of the w/e but YouTube does not seem to have it in stock (I did ask a guy). Why not listen to Frankie Sinatra and Johnny Cash cover it instead. #TopLads #TopBants.

Both uniquely brilliant. I don’t think we make them like that any more.