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April 30, 2016 at 8:50 am

Dodgy Taxi



April 30, 2016 at 8:16 am

Hello Darlings,

It’s just approaching 4pm in Shenzhen & I feel like a Blog Post is in order.

Something I’ve been really keen on recently is the idea of doing some retrospective blogging of my recent travels. I’ve done some pretty Hipster-y, off-grid moves in 2016 and finding reliable, up-to-date, comprehensive information is a lot of the time easier said than done.

I also really like the idea of trying to get a bit more authoritarian when it comes to the sort of travel that I primarily do right now: inexpensive, authentic travel where I pay particular attention to food, local sights and doing things as efficiently as humanly possible.

Myanmar was the biggie last month and is a location I’ve been keen to visit for a little while now. My Farfar was in Yangon around the time of WW2 and that’s added another dimension to the country as well.

Myanmar is a very new country in many ways: It looks as though official travel to the country was possible from 1992 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_Myanmar), however most people would point towards the last 5 years as the country really opening up and embracing tourism.

The country is transitioning from complete Army rule over to the green roots of democracy, and that in turn has changed the country from a destination you should avoid paying your army subsidies to.. to a country where people are being encouraged to visit. Tourism numbers are slowly increasing, but it’s about as untouched by outside influences as you’re going to get in the immediate region.


diverse ethnically, religious influence. history.. british > japanese > british > ‘independence’ under army rule > democracy.


It’s possible to enter the country via land crossing, but as I purchased the e-VISA (primarily to enhance valuable passport space) it was necessary to enter the country via Air.

Flying from Thailand, and Bangkok in particular is a no brainer as it’s cheap and easy. I purchased my flight maybe 3 weeks before I actually arrived in the country and ended up bagging a Nok Air flight for 1320 Baht / roughly £25.

The flight took around 90 minutes.. Myanmar is 30 minutes behind Thailand which is a bit strange (Especially if you’re North Korea – LOLZ MENTALISTS! http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-33815049). I arrived into Yangon just after 7am on the Tuesday morning.

I then walked for approximately 30 minutes to the train station and jumped on the train to Yangon centre. It was a real immersion straight into the country.. the vast majority of travellers would take a Taxi, but as I love doing things on the cheap I walked in the baking sun & then jumped on the train. It’s certainly not the easiest way to get to central Yangon, dragging your wheeled suitcase through the sand by the side of the single track road which is being used by traffic going both ways. But it was a work out. I took some cash out at the airport, got a map from tourist information & then set out on my walk. I ended up having to point, do the charade for ‘Train’ and ask a few people, but I eventually found myself there and a train was just about to depart.

The short journey on an old Japanese Train took around 60 minutes to central station, but was a really wonderful immersion into the country, the people and the immediate vicinity outside the window.

I headed straight to my hostel, which was around a 30 minute walk from the station with my bags, thin pavements, lots of cars, the hot hot sun and lots of fannying around. The wifi was utterly appalling in my hostel, so if you’re looking for good wifi check this article (http://yangon.coconuts.co/2015/06/27/free-wifi-hotspots-yangon).. I can vouch for Alfa Hotel as a good wifi location and did 2 days of work there when I was in the city.

I personally didn’t love Yangon.. it was decent, it was an experience (old colonial remains are pretty beautiful), but I found the best moments of my trip were those spent outside of the 2 big cities (Yangon & Mandalay).


999 Shan Noodle House https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g294191-d2432577-Reviews-999_Shan_Noodle_House-Yangon_Rangoon_Yangon_Region.html

#1 on TripAdvisor which doesn’t normally bode too well, but it’s excellent. Tasty noodles, inexpensive and they speak English. Good mix of tourists, locals and monks.


Shan Yoe Yar (https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g294191-d4492468-Reviews-Shan_Yoe_Yar-Yangon_Rangoon_Yangon_Region.html)

Definitely geared towards foreigners, but a good, safe option. Pretty inexpensive, but ‘up-market’ Burmese food. A good, safe zone to try some authentic, good quality Burmese food.



Shwedagon Pagoda (paid), be aware shorts probably won’t cut it so you might be asked to purchase a ‘skirt’ for a small amount at the entrance. As with any temples in Myanmar or Thailand, you need to leave shoes outside.


I took a night bus from Yangon to Bagan.. leaving around 20:30 and arriving into Bagan around 5ish.

Don’t call it a comeback.

April 22, 2016 at 3:09 pm

“Good evening everybody”

Davis Pleat

Apologies for the 2 years, 2 months and 20 day hiatus…. or 891 days whatever way you want to look at it. (Yes, of course I’ve also factored in the leap year, what sort of mug do you take me for?).

I’m currently sitting in my Björn Borg pants in an AirBnB in Shenzhen as I deliberate where the HECK I should start..

Having moved to Shanghai with Lina in September? 2014, I’ve for the meantime at least moved out of the city as of mid-February 2016. Shanghai has been an experience, which I’m sure I’ll delve back into in future blog posts. Most of my time in the city was spent working remotely with N, whilst continuing to study Chinese and travel throughout the Country & Asia.

Lina is currently back in Uppsala studying International Relations (let’s hope that’s the only relations she’s experiencing at the moment) and I’ve decided to take advantage of the online study /work and live a bit of a bucket list goal – to live as a Digital Nomad (© Wankers) for a while.

I first had a palava leaving Xiamen on the last day of my VISA during Chinese New Year. Turns out it’s quite a busy time to travel, and my boat to Kinmen /Jinmen in Taiwan was also delayed because of Fog. Having finally managed to leave the country, I spent a great month or so in Taiwan.. visiting Jinmen, Gaoxiong, Tainan, Taizhong, Taipei, Taidong, Hualian, before returning back to Taipei.

After that I went to Thailand (Chiangmai & Bangkok) in order to attend Jonny’s stag party. Afterwards I went to Myanmar (Yangon, Bagan, Lake Inle, Mandalay) for 10 days or so, before finally returning to the Middle Kingdom via Shenzhen.

I’m still working and studying right now, and have the goal of looking at the job sitch in China for a potential last outing before heading back to the UK at the end of May for my Father’s 70th Birthday & Richard’s Wedding in Spain in early June. If I don’t find anything relevant in the intervening month and a bit, then it’s quite likely that I’m going to return to Europe (or what’s left of it with the upcoming #Brexit vote) for some fresh air and some new job opportunities.

All’s good with me, will fill in some deets in the near future.

Kloveyoubye x

January 2014 (History – A Blast from the Past)

February 2, 2014 at 11:21 am

Afternoon All,

2014-01-01 15.40.54

2014-01-03 13.17.23

2014-01-08 01.38.07-1

2014-02-01 20.00.31

2014-01-18 13.54.17

2014-01-19 13.15.37


Became genuine Chocolate Face…

2014-01-15 22.01.23

2014-01-17 21.59.20

2014-01-17 19.53.48

2014-01-21 18.20.27

2014-01-25 19.00.34

2014-01-25 16.17.39-1

2014-01-25 17.18.11

2014-01-25 15.34.44-1

2014-01-25 15.35.12-1

2014-01-25 17.45.16

Went out walking with a human shadow…

2014-01-23 16.30.20

Made a bit of hummus… the textbook dellis recipe is on it’s way to completion..

2014-01-27 14.39.29

Go sledding. (Lina broke 1 & 1/2 of the sleds and was braver than me)

2014-01-27 14.40.09


Made some pretty decent food (Chicken w/ Chickpeas & Chorizo)

2014-01-29 22.57.30

吃了中国菜  (在中国餐馆):

好吃的饺子,在 Uppsala…

2014-01-15 13.58.56

马年快乐,在 Ho’s – Stockholm. Apparently rated as Europe’s best Chinese Restaurant 2 years running. It was good, but we ended up paying approx £45 all-in for 6 small courses and a Tsingtao beer.

2014-02-01 14.34.39


Started Chinese Classes again – Full time study with 3 new courses.


Lina bought me a lovely present from Sephora: (just for being a great guy…)

2014-01-31 17.56.57


Took autistic, artistic pictures of my surroundings.

2014-01-24 18.49.34





2013: A Year in Review

January 2, 2014 at 2:19 am

Some people say:

‘oooo thank God that year’s over’


‘2013 was rubbish, FUCK OFF. We don’t need you’

and so on.


It’s not 2013’s fault, give it a rest. Look at yourself love, you’re a mess.

Yes, it’s nice to keep things orderly with the Roman Calendar, and it’s nice to take stock and look over the past 12 months.. but I am essentially the same person as I was yesterday in 2013 and not much has changed overnight.

New Years Resolutions are also a bit of a bollocks, start today mate – don’t postpone it until January 1st, when you’re invariably going to effing break it within a couple of days anyway. Time is transient and you’ve got to make every fucking day count babes. (Even though, don’t say it too loud.. I regularly don’t).


I was thinking about making a good, comprehensive post to look back on my year. I’ve been swimming the past couple of days, and the ideas are literally flowing through my brain as I swim underwater. I didn’t have a fucking underwater pen, or Rain Man-style cognition though, so here goes, from what I can remember. The swimming, more intelligent version of myself didn’t want to do a highlights of 2013 blog-post, he didn’t want to do a Channel 4 Style 2013 review with some Cunts off of Geordie Shore giving their hyperbole opinions on something they know nothing about.



I decided I wanted to focus on the KEY MOMENTS of my year – the main, tangible things I can look back on and work with that. I’m going to try and keep it fairly chronological so it’s nice and easy – I’m also going to edit this post for the next 48h thinking about things I’ve missed and where I can baulk up some shiz.


2013 – REVIEW

The Year Started in Badeboda at Lisa’s (who!?) family’s place. The family were out at various events, so Lisa created a 3 course meal for me and her. We had a little sauna and knull (literally seeing the year in, inside a vagina).


In Happier Times


Roaming Around the Estate

In January I would have got my Chinese Exam Results (Pass) and decided to go to China to study for a semester – essentially my biggest action of 2013.


As well as that, in January, me, Andrew, Richard & Jim did a flight experience at Marshall’s in Cambridge on a Flight Simulator. Our ‘co’-pilot was a RyanAir pilot – who frantically pulled enough leavers to mainly hide my inadequacy. This was a Christmas present from John and Dad, and were alrite actually.


“Chuck it into that tower over there”..

Having left Booking after a short spell at the end of 2012, I picked up some work with Nanoprotech, based by Marble Arch. I worked with the Russian #Lads until I left for China. Primarily working with Marketing & Business Development. I was working on the ground in Cambridge also giving samples to relevant parties and creating a case-study as a result.


In February me and Lisa booked a weekend away (after Istanbul, Cluj & Paris at the tail end of 2012). She was based in Cluj studying (and partying) still, and I was back in Cambridgeshire going crazy.. which I was a huge fan of (Y).


Anyway, we went to Budapest which was a really nice break. There was a tearful goodbye at the airport (her, boys don’t cry) and it would be the last time to date that I saw her. She then did a semester in Brussels doing an internship (and I’m fairly sure the partying continued… again, a big fan).


At the end of Feb I jetted off to China, very much taking things in my stride and being pretty effing chilled about ting tbh.

I picked Beijing and Tianjin as equal first choices, and due to everyman and his dog selecting Beijing, ended up studying in Tianjin with 2 other exchange students. Lina & Rikard (watch-out for them later).

About a month in, me and Lisa finally broke up after lots of arguing, shenanigans and internet hard man-ing,


after about 2.5 years and living together in Vienna, Berlin & Malmo. It was sad, and hurt for a long time – but was largely unavoidable due to circumstances and things running their course. At the start of 2014 I can say with some confidence that I’m at peace with things and have happily moved on. It’s unnatural to not feel things for this person who you’ve spent a good chunk of your life together with and grown with – but I feel better for it now.

Shortly after, Lina saw her opportunity, pounced and snagged me after a night-out. *versions of events may vary.

Yes, I was very aware that I was going to China with another couple of 人,and had done more than my fair share of facebook stalking prior to leaving for China. I thought that Lina looked like an interesting person, but genuinely had no idea how old, or beautiful she was..

Lina Björkman's pre-China profile picture

Lina Björkman’s pre-China profile picture

Social Media and real-life upon arrival in China confirmed that did indeed, not scrub up bad (despite being plagued (riddled) with allergies and ailments).


We studied 5 days a week, doing approx 12 classes. The rest of the time was spent lazing around, drinking, knulling, working and exploring our surroundings locally and nationally.

My birthday in April was very nice. We had 1 class in the morning, then the 3 of us 欧洲人 went to a really nice Thai restaurant in Tianjin. Afterwards me and Lina headed off to a hotel for the night. We went to the Hotel Spa (which upon arrival found out was divided up between men and women and sort of defeated the object), went out for a nice meal in the evening and then watched a movie and got up to some sexy shit during the evening.

Also, The Boston Bombers were taken down (Y).


Me, Lina and Rikard did some travelling together: First to Beijing for the day, then Shanghai for a long-weekend and finally to Qingdao with TaeYeun in tow.

There were however, cracks appearing in our 3-way, international, relationship as me and Lina started our relationship and things got a bit more cosy between us (and I got really fucking tired of someone bringing up Sweden in every conversation). But things on the whole were decent.

Me and Lina also went on some trips just the two of us – Firstly to The Tianjin side of The Great Wall, Chengde, and then to Xi’An.

I’ve seen some pretty ‘special’ (™ My Father) things in China: The Great Wall, Terracotta Army, The Bund, The Forbidden City, Mao’s Mausoleum, Tiananmen to name but a few.

After exams me and Lina did another trip before she went home – we went to Shanghai (mainly strategical, to fly to the next destination), Hong Kong, Macau (day-trip), Taipei and Seoul was our last destination. We flew back into Beijing and Lina got her flight back to Sweden. I wanted to make the most of my 6 month VISA and booked a late flight back, therefore I was to have a few weeks by myself back in China.

Heading back to the dorms in Tianjin was a bit of a culture shock, and a bit depressing by myself.. but I made the most of the situation and battled through. 95% of the students had gone back, rooms were more expensive out of term time, and people had turned a bit cunty.

For the final 2 weeks of my time in China, I moved to Beijing and worked with SPRG Media. I was working with them on PR for Lamborghini across Asia-Pacific, which was a great little gig and fantastic experience to add to my CV. I was living in WuKouDao which was a studenty area, with a fair sprinkling of foreigners. I didn’t really make any life-long friends but it was a really nice change of scenery and way to wrap up things in China.

The morning commute was bananas, and has pretty much set the bar for worst, most cramped and busy commuting experience of my life – so London Underground is a bit more tolerable these days.

I flew back to the UK via a 12h stopover in Doha and had a little look around during that time. Unfortunately it was Ramadan, so things were pretty dead and everyone was fasting during the day. I got in a taxi with a guy from Nepal who drove me around for a couple of hours and showed me the main sights. He also made a nice little video of him driving me around *act normal dellis and pretend there isn’t a fucking camera zoomed in on you boat* which he was going to send to his fam’ back home. As far as I’m aware, he didn’t build a stadium for the world cup and die – but there was a huge amount of (I’m assuming) cheaply exploited labour everywhere getting some scraps from the oil lottery.

I got back on the 6th August, Lina came to the UK shortly after as I decided to invite her as my +1. On the 10th Andrew and Susie got married in Melbourn Church. Me and Richard were best men and I got drunk enough to just about get through some words at the reception. Yeah, I was drunk… I brought a bottle of North Korean Vodka with me that we had purchased at the DMZ which contributed to some lolz, and me being a mess. It’s a blur. Let’s not talk about it again.


Me and Lina saw the sights of Cambridgeshire & London after the wedding. Afterwards I went to Sweden and we split our time between her dad’s place in Enkoping and her Mum’s place in Uppsala. As well as that we enjoyed a trip to Dalarna and Stockholm.

When Andrew and Susie were on honeymoon in South Africa & Mauritius – me and Lina took the opportunity to stay in their place in Putney for 3 weeks. We ate like Kings, with lots of good quality ingredients being purchased – primarily via Ocado & Tesco. Highlights included watching Tottenham vs. Tromso, going to see Les Mis and a funny night on Edgware Road – eating Lebanese food, smoking shisha, and then whitey-ing and feeling like death warmed up on the last tube home.


and that’s just breakfast, pal..

We also did day-trips to Sheffield (where I went to another start-up meeting), Oxford and Brighton which were good.


Since getting back I’ve been moving around a fair bit. In October I went back to Sweden for a second time and ended up writing to a few companies on a whim. The responses were fairly positive and I thought there could be some short-term potential for work in Sweden.

After a couple of days back in Melbourn, I got the eff out of there and returned to Sweden. I was in and out once more before I left for Christmas. But my time was primarily spent contacting companies in Stockholm, meeting people and trying to kick on the job search and get some relevant experience.

The majority of my time has been with SUP46 (Start Up People of Sweden), talking to start-ups. I’ve done some work helping out with events at the office, I’ve also talked to a couple of guys and have some work available for some marketing & PR tasks that I can be kicking on with as soon as I like.

I’ve really enjoyed the vibe of the place and rubbing shoulders with entrepreneurs, especially as Stockholm is such a creative and vibrant start-up city at the moment. I could happily spend 2/3 more months around that sort of area getting experience, and potentially starting up something of my own – a goal that I’ve had for a while.


From 16 – 19 December I had all my final Chinese exams – this consisted of 2 oral, and 1 written. I should hear my results in Jan and fingers crossed I’ve passed everything ok. I plumped for Chinese II when I came back – essentially a level behind where I should be, but I just wanted to keep things going and do Chinese alongside other business. Chinese has been the constant running throughout my year. I’m sure I’ve come on a long way, but there’s so much to learn and so much depth. That said, the plan is to head back to China in 2014 and put this language and experience to proper, financial, business, career-development use.

I left Sweden on Thursday 19th December and went back to the UK via Bremen & then Dortmund where I had a long w/e with the Uni boys. We watched Dortmund vs. Hertha BSC (I was standing in the Kop at ridiculous tout prices) and Dortmund lost, but it was a good experience. And I tell you what, I fucking loved talking German again.. I’m really fairly good (or should I say gut) at it.

Christmas day itself was spent with the family (minus Andrew & Susie who celebrated with her side of the family and got here on boxing day). We went to Sheene Mill in the day for a slap-up Christmas Lunch, Rested, Had people around for presents and then people trailed off as we watched TV through the evening.

NYE itself was spent at Ashley & Boak’s place in Cambridge – it was the first time that I’d visited. It was me, Indi, Ash, Boak, Tim, Kirsty and Mepham (who was a good craic). I polished off my blastic 1l bottle of Bells Whisky which has been plaguing me for years, didn’t feel that drunk, ate some Chinese (with chopsticks to the amazement of the local folk), and ended up catching a lift back with Indi about 1am. Was pretty glad to wake up in my own bed the following day tbh.




A couple of other things I wanted to comment on from 2013:

Food & Drink: It’s a passion, so let’s talk….

It was a very good year gastronomically speaking. I went over to China having never properly used chopsticks, and was absolutely bossing it within a month or two – it was one of the main things I was telling myself I’d miss when I got back to the West.

Interesting things I’ve tried this year: Lots of Asian Michelin Star Food, Chicken Feet, Camel, Yak, Stinky Tofu (comfortably the worst), Liver (yeah not that exciting, but something I do not get the urge to eat), Swedish Crayfish Party, Grubs @ Korean BBQ Restaurant, My weight in Korean BBQ (& Korean food), Beijing Duck, Sushi, Sashimi, Teppanyaki, bloomin’ love Kimchi, Pocky, Poor-mans Julbord. More spicy food & Sichuan pepper than you could swing a tiger at.

Drink – lots of new, exotic beers. Baijiu, Kopi Luwak Coffee, Schnapps, Tea Ceremonies coming out of my ears


Media highlights of the year: Getting into Bobs Burgers – Smashing. Growing into Thom Yorke /Radiohead more.

This song, & album:

Gary Bale nearly firing Tottenham into the CL (but Chinese internet speeds stopping me from streaming a fucking thing.) (Marca are most certainly not included in this).

Villains of the year:

People with no special awareness, concept of queuing, or manners.

Charlie Adam – for being a relentlessly dirty cunt, intent on injuring THFC players.


Spastics entrenched in one point of view, unable to see the other side of an argument.

Erm… Hitler.

Crybaby of the Year – Peter Herbert, Society of ‘Black’ Lawyers

Peter Herbert/Racial discrimination case



Russell Brand, still just a bloody great, intelligent guy.

Anyone who is on Bob’s Burgers. (But of course special mention to the finest pair of twins since The Nevilles – Andy & Ollie.)


Tottenham Hotspur’s Brazilian Yiddo


Steve Jobs – creating excellent apple products from the grave that have improved my life immeasurably. Would have been lost without my Macbook Air and now iPhone 5s which has revolutionised how I consume my media on the go.

Zhao Laoshi – 赵?老师

To a lesser extent – Li Laoshi and Lung-Lung Hu

Lina’s parents are very good guys. Lina’s Dad & Pia have been particularly excellent with me bumming around in and out of their home.

The people who produce these excellent podcasts and constantly talk to me and entertain me when I’m on my street-grind:

2014-02-01 19.58.09


Inheritance £ coming through. Don’t want to get into this too much but it has quietly massively changed my life and enabled me to do more things without having to worry about the finances and incoming £. I’ve certainly not gone crazy and spunked money everywhere – but it has enabled me to do a bit more without thinking about things. The hope is that China & work experience gained will be an investment that will pay me back in the future. Travelling has been a great experience.-



Abaaaht fakin’ time.

December 31, 2013 at 3:02 am

Evening All. 02:50 AM here in Melbourn right now.

I’m probably not going to get another chance to jump on the blog before 2013 ends, and it’s been way too fucking long for an update – so here is a quick, slightly more than token update.

It’s going to be primarily image based to run you through the past couple of months. I’ve been in Sweden for most of the time, as well as the UK and a cheeky weekender in Dortmund with Uni 朋友s just before Christmas:


*host photos elsewhere*

Heading off to Aaland

2013-10-31 10.36.28


Thanksgiving Dinner in Enkoping2013-11-27 21.49.26

Concert in a Stockholm Kyrka2013-12-02 16.05.01

Standing in the Kop – Dortmund vs. Hertha Berlin2013-12-21 15.37.56-1 (macair.home's conflicted copy 2013-12-26)


Christmas Dinner @ The Sheene Mill, Melbourn2013-12-25 20.25.40

I’m going to hit you back very soon, but have plans to get up early tomorrow and have a swim. How about that for motivation to get up. ‘ave it.

Hej Hej

November 23, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Evening all,

I’m currently sitting in Enkoping at the kitchen table. There is some Michael McDonald (I have no idea who he is either?) on the stereo as Pia and her daughter are playing scrabble (Alfapet). Me and Mats have been preppin’ the food and it is now in the oven. I have a gin and tonic by my side and the football is on in the other half of my screen. It’s about time for that update:

Big things that have happened in the last month:

Let’s start at the start. I went to Sweden Monday 28th October – Tuesday 5th November. which was very nice. Me and Lina divided our time between Enk and Uppsala. One of the highlights was going to Aland – an island just off of the Swedish coast, which is now ‘owned’ by Finland. The population is approx 30k – people speak Swedish and the currency is Euro. We took an early coach from Enkoping, then got on a boat. Some people go straight back after a few 啤酒s and some food – but (mostly) me and Lina  wanted to get out and have a little look around. It was a lovely little day – we took a walk around, took lots of pictures, tried some local beer brewed on the island, and bought a few local /Finnish items in the supermarkets (incl. plenty of beer). We also went into a cafe for a sandwich, they were shortly closing and gave us about 14 Kannelbulle. Profit. We took a bus back to the port at approx 6PM and then got the boat back. We then got on a later coach to Uppsala, and changed there back to Enk.

I also decided on the Friday to contact some companies to see if I could get any short term work in Stockholm. I met with 2 companies on Monday; one of them gave me a short answer of: we’re a start-up, we can’t really pay – but you’re welcome to come and hang out at the office and give us a hand.

I went back to Sweden on Tuesday evening, and after speaking with Lina and being pretty bored at home, booked a flight about 24h later and returned on Friday AM.

On Thursday 31st Andrew had another operation on his arm to try and sort things out. The following day he was bleeding quite a lot from his arm (open wound). He went back into hospital and had the pleasure of a further 3? operations and another week in hospital as they bothched the first one.

To complement that, grandma had a fall at home. The following day she went to the doctors and they said she should go to the hospital. It turns out she had broken her hip and had to have an operration. 2 Ellises in hospital; Dad was loving it. She is still in and should hopefully be getting out on Monday after doing rehab etc. Obviously not ideal at her age.

Dad had been thinking of going for a short break to LasVegas with Rob – which has had to be put on the backburer as a result. I was also hoping he’d come to Stockholm if I was out here until Christmas, but I think he’s got quite a lot of work to do back home now.

I’ve now been in Enk for just over 2 weeks (time flies); I’ve mainly been doing Chinese and contacting companies. I have another 2 meetings on Monday and am hopeful that something will work out before Christmas.

I’ve had some very dry skin which is thankfully on its way out now. When I was back shorty I went to the doctors – she thought it was a viral infection, but I imagine it wasn’t helped by the cold, dry air here either.

Can’t really be arsed to type much more. That’s the big news, hopefully normal service can be resumed and I don’t have to type so much shiz next time.


Still Alive.. Checking In

November 21, 2013 at 10:57 pm


I thought I’d take a couple of minutes to write a quick update seeing as it’s been nearly a freakin’ month since my last post.

I’m currently on an awful loan laptop (lactock dellis™) from John Lewis while my MacBook Air was in for repair. And I’m currently in Sweden. It’s the perfect storm for non-blogging.

I did go to Sweden between October 28th October and 5th November.. Lasted about a day back home (literally) before I booked a one-way ticket back. I’m only doing Chinese and procrastinating at the moment, so assumed that would be possible to do from a different house in a different country. I’ve been at Lina’s dad’s place (2 apostrophes.. I think that works there) for the past 13 days which has been nice, and I’ve not encountered too much hostility to date. I’m a bit of a pro when it comes to unloading the dishwasher, and not saying anything too outlandish; that’s the key to in-law indifference.

I’ve been in contact with lots of Swedish companies and am hopeful of getting something sorted for a short-term period in Stockholm; whilst planning the future job (Shanghai?); and studying Chinese alongside all of that.

I have huge amounts of details to spill from the past month; but it’s 23:50 here right now, Lina is about to hand in her homework. And I think we’re going to watch something shortly and chillax. (Fairly) Busy day for sending mails and doing Chinese.

Will try and get a spare timmar or so tomorrow, and spill the beans.




October 26, 2013 at 1:25 am

Oh, hello everyone, this is David speaking now.

Just a cheeky check-in, as it has been 4 days since the last blog post.

“What the heck has been going on?” I hear you roar. Well, this is why I do this blog post, you see? Now it all makes sense.


To be brutally honest with you, I don’t think I did make that morning swim /gym, and I certainly didn’t manage to get another blog post in before 12:07 the following day.


But in more positive news; this is what i did done:

Wednesday: Chinese. Need I say any more? Wednesdays are Yuan Yuan Wu’s class (who’s grinding mine and Lina’s gears a bit at the moment) and I seem to spend at least 169 hours a week on preparation, and then homework. Leaving very little, if any time to wank myself silly. Anyway.. on Wednesday I had an in-class presentation on my classmate Markus, had a listening assignment due (88%, are you having a laugh? VG starts at 90%) and handed in my normal homework. I think this was all finished by about quarter past 11 UK time. I actually had a cheeky hour in the gym in the evening as well to give my brain a bit of a break as it was slightly full of fuck.

I also booked tickets to go and see Lina – I’m off on Monday 28th October – Tuesday 5th November. Which should be a very nice break and a welcome change of scenery. More in due course..


Thursday: Well deserved lay in. Although, is it technically a lay in when you get up at 10 /11, but went to bed after 2am the night before? Anyway, some sleep was done. BARNET CHOP. Swim, Gym. I spoke to Richard briefly the night before – he mentioned that Ledley King would be on Darius’ show (My Beautiful Dark Twisted?) #FantasyFootballLeague, and would I be interested in going down and meeting the man?



Not to be confused with…

Fantasy Football Club

Fantasy Football Club


To be honest, I was a bit unsure as to whether I wanted to go as;

a. It was going to be a busy end to the week and there were a couple of things I had tentatively pencilled into my diary e.g. a trip down to Nanoprotech Offices and Gap 50% Off Shopping Spree in London.

b. I’d met my hero a couple of months earlier at his book signing at The Big Green Bookshop in the big smoke. And managed to get a horrid, fat picture of me taken. So naturally, I was a contented man.

Ledley's (Auto)Biography

Ledley’s (Auto)Biography


Anyway, after some deliberation on Thursday mid-morning (matters?) I saw sense and decided the 2.5 hour schlepp from Meldreth station to Sky Studios in Syon Lane (via Kings X and Vauxhall), on the outskirts of West London would be worth it.

I met Richard on the train at Vauxhall and from there we had a beer each that I had courteously purchased at the station and had a nice little 聊天儿 about life in general, and catch-up. Including a pretty funny Paul Merson story, which can’t be put on the internet for legal reasons..

Anyway, we made it to the studio at approximately 18:10 and went into the guardhouse to get signed in and get our wristbands etc. After a little wait by another guardhouse, we were then escorted passed the security gates and into the recording studios complex. When we got in Darius had sent a lacky to fetch us and whipped us straight past security and into the green room.

We first spotted Paul Merson on the sofa (bothered?), and then looked around the corner and there sat Ledders. The Sheriff vs. Tottenham game was on the TV.. touch. We had a little talk and I got Ledders to sign my shirt.

image (4)

After about 5 /10 minutes we were called through to the studio – Darius had advised me to put on the shirt that I brought to get signed (The CL kit, with Ledley’s name on the back). Darius shoehorned us into the front of the audience, and I was moved in standing next to another couple of guys who were in Spurs shirts, front-centre.

The show was alright, and afterwards I managed to get a picture with Ledley on the set. After that we went into the Green Room again to sit and wait for things to finish. Said goodbye to Ledders as he went and then went to the pub with some of the staff and the presenters.

It was pretty funny to feel completely at ease /blasé about drinking with a couple of ‘celebrities’, but it was nice and chilled out and the guys were very cool and approachable. Me and Richard left the pub via a lift from Darius at approx. 21:40, I then had to do the journey in reverse and was home by about midnight.

A very strong evening.


Not happy with my boat

Not happy with my boat


Friday: Has been the definition of Bits & Bobs day, I’ve done various jobs that I’ve jotted down in my little black book. e.g. Ringing TSO Host and asking questions about the back-up of this blog, and buying AppleCare+ for my new iPhone. To name but two.

Richard has been home today which has been nice. This evening we went to Grandma and Rob’s to watch the show and saw various parts of myself on-screen a few times. I’m still having huge problems with my external HD… but this evening I was looking in detail at my older HD where I’ve transferred over some salvaged files, and was pretty happy with the quantity of pictures from China I have on there.. so I’ll have a last ditch attempt to get some more off of my HD before I leave for Sweden on Monday (DiskWarrior is running atm, but after having to quit after 5 days running on Thursday night, I’m not holding much hope it will be done by then.)

Brain Hurts now.



What have you been doing 大卫?

October 22, 2013 at 12:07 am

Evening All,


Apologies for the delay.. I’m aware that it’s been nearly 5 days (or 120 hours) depending on which way you want to look at it since my last post. Either way.. it’s late. You’ve been a slack cunt, and the blogosphere is not roligt. I’m also aware that I broke my promise r.e. another blog post.. so sorry about that. SORRY LINA.

Apart from that, let’s get over the fact that this is essentially YOUR diary, and you’ve been busy anyway. So get the hell off my back. Some people.

I started writing this post, and clicked on a video Arcade Fire posted on FB. It’s on in the background for the second time; I like it. I’ve tried not to listen to any of their promo for the next album – as an #ArcadeFireist I’ve tried to take a purist’s approach to the new album – waiting for the proper album to land (320kbps fyi) and to listen from track one to thirteen. No shuffle. Maybe headphones, maybe just my good speakers. Very few albums get that treatment fyi. But… curiosity got the better of me. I like it, and the video as well.

Looking forwards to listening to the album very soon. :ninja: (tomorrow? depends on the delicate computer sitch- I don’t want to upset the eco-system, explanation follows)


Anyway, here’s an update on my life over the past 5 days:

On Thursday morning I DID manage to get up for a swim early doors, which was lovely. Blogging is a good way to put a bit more pressure on me to actually get my fanny out of the bed in the morning, so I’m going to call it in for tomorrow AM as well.

7AM Alarm, Swim & Gym, Breakfast /Shit hot Coffee, 9AM Chinese Characters, Homework in by 12:00 please. On my desk. Kenneths Däck.


To be honest, the last few days have just been a blur of Chinese. Lots of homework, even a fair amount of extra-curricular (copying vocab from Tianjin into my book, pinyining 北京欢迎你.. you can tell I’m avoiding doing other things.)

As I mentioned before, my external hard-drive is fooked. I got a program called DiskWarrior, which after running for 48h in the background managed to allow me to transfer over approx 400GB of data before fucking off again. The only thing I really wanted to save was my China pictures – fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how much you like me) I copied over the wrong pictures and the HD died again by the time I realised. I therefore started the progress again on Sunday afternoon and fingers crossed it will be finished on Tuesday afternoon after another 48h.

DiskWarrior lolz

DiskWarrior lolz

Although tbh I’m not holding my breath. I’m feeling pretty zen like about the whole thing anyway – I have got plenty of phone pictures, uploaded some to fb and have plenty of other memories. You win some, and you lose some. And you realise the hard way that it is worth having a more recent backup than 6 months prior, because despite your HardDrive being in mint condition and 8 months old, WesternDigital can’t be fucking trusted.


On Saturday I went to watch Cambridge United with Ashley. Out of a prospective 5 of us, only me and Ashley made it (thanks to football snobbery, work, and pussy-whipping…). Anyway. Me and Ashley are a bloody good pair, and it was a nice day.

After a short walk towards the Grafton Centre side of Cambridge we decided to grab a couple of pints in The Snug and talk each others ears off. Classic scenes.

Thoroughly drunk, we tried Tesco for a beer for the road, but they didn’t stock them. (Cheers anti-social behaviour, and Cambridge’s homeless population).

We then walked for approx 20 mins across the city, past some cows, through a field and arrived at the stadium. We paid £15 on the gate (bit much for Conference football, innit?) and made our way into the Newmarket Road Standing Section (North Stand).

Cambridge vs. Salisbury (2:0)

Cambridge vs. Salisbury (2:0)

The game wasn’t awful, and Cambridge won 2-0 against Salisbury who were 4th in the table. Cambridge remain unbeaten and 6 points top of the league – it would be really nice to see them back in the football league after a few years. Something worth noting, is there was a female referee (who was hit and miss to be fair) – but rest assured that sexism is alive and well in the Cambridge United stands. #PCGoneMad

After the match we went to The Free Press Pub which is a really nice independent (or if it’s not I’m surprised) pub, selling ‘hipster beer’ as I like to call it – i.e. lovely (foreign) beer you haven’t heard of before, at a slightly higher price than The Dolphin. I’d probably get a mouthful of abuse from my Melbourn pals for getting ideas above my station, and appreciating the finer things in life. Either way, it was right up my alley.



image (3)

Afterwards I got the train back to Melbourn, via the Fish and Chip shop (I always want to say obrigado when I get my order, but don’t have the cojones to do so) and had a relaxed evening.


The rest of the time has pretty much been Chinese. Hopefully tomorrow PM I will make some strides towards work /business sitch which I will divulge in more details later. Writing and typing has resulted in my thumb becoming uncooperative.


Anyway, Talk later (tomorrow?),


Davis x


I’ve been listening to múm’s latest album ‘Smilewound’ a lot today. I like it a lot. I can’t really find the song I like most on YT, or a CD version of the song below. Anyway, I think you get the gist of it. It’s a very dreamy, easy to listen to, yet complex albun. Bon Appétit. x