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Hej Hej

November 23, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Evening all,

I’m currently sitting in Enkoping at the kitchen table. There is some Michael McDonald (I have no idea who he is either?) on the stereo as Pia and her daughter are playing scrabble (Alfapet). Me and Mats have been preppin’ the food and it is now in the oven. I have a gin and tonic by my side and the football is on in the other half of my screen. It’s about time for that update:

Big things that have happened in the last month:

Let’s start at the start. I went to Sweden Monday 28th October – Tuesday 5th November. which was very nice. Me and Lina divided our time between Enk and Uppsala. One of the highlights was going to Aland – an island just off of the Swedish coast, which is now ‘owned’ by Finland. The population is approx 30k – people speak Swedish and the currency is Euro. We took an early coach from Enkoping, then got on a boat. Some people go straight back after a few 啤酒s and some food – but (mostly) me and Lina  wanted to get out and have a little look around. It was a lovely little day – we took a walk around, took lots of pictures, tried some local beer brewed on the island, and bought a few local /Finnish items in the supermarkets (incl. plenty of beer). We also went into a cafe for a sandwich, they were shortly closing and gave us about 14 Kannelbulle. Profit. We took a bus back to the port at approx 6PM and then got the boat back. We then got on a later coach to Uppsala, and changed there back to Enk.

I also decided on the Friday to contact some companies to see if I could get any short term work in Stockholm. I met with 2 companies on Monday; one of them gave me a short answer of: we’re a start-up, we can’t really pay – but you’re welcome to come and hang out at the office and give us a hand.

I went back to Sweden on Tuesday evening, and after speaking with Lina and being pretty bored at home, booked a flight about 24h later and returned on Friday AM.

On Thursday 31st Andrew had another operation on his arm to try and sort things out. The following day he was bleeding quite a lot from his arm (open wound). He went back into hospital and had the pleasure of a further 3? operations and another week in hospital as they bothched the first one.

To complement that, grandma had a fall at home. The following day she went to the doctors and they said she should go to the hospital. It turns out she had broken her hip and had to have an operration. 2 Ellises in hospital; Dad was loving it. She is still in and should hopefully be getting out on Monday after doing rehab etc. Obviously not ideal at her age.

Dad had been thinking of going for a short break to LasVegas with Rob – which has had to be put on the backburer as a result. I was also hoping he’d come to Stockholm if I was out here until Christmas, but I think he’s got quite a lot of work to do back home now.

I’ve now been in Enk for just over 2 weeks (time flies); I’ve mainly been doing Chinese and contacting companies. I have another 2 meetings on Monday and am hopeful that something will work out before Christmas.

I’ve had some very dry skin which is thankfully on its way out now. When I was back shorty I went to the doctors – she thought it was a viral infection, but I imagine it wasn’t helped by the cold, dry air here either.

Can’t really be arsed to type much more. That’s the big news, hopefully normal service can be resumed and I don’t have to type so much shiz next time.


Still Alive.. Checking In

November 21, 2013 at 10:57 pm


I thought I’d take a couple of minutes to write a quick update seeing as it’s been nearly a freakin’ month since my last post.

I’m currently on an awful loan laptop (lactock dellis™) from John Lewis while my MacBook Air was in for repair. And I’m currently in Sweden. It’s the perfect storm for non-blogging.

I did go to Sweden between October 28th October and 5th November.. Lasted about a day back home (literally) before I booked a one-way ticket back. I’m only doing Chinese and procrastinating at the moment, so assumed that would be possible to do from a different house in a different country. I’ve been at Lina’s dad’s place (2 apostrophes.. I think that works there) for the past 13 days which has been nice, and I’ve not encountered too much hostility to date. I’m a bit of a pro when it comes to unloading the dishwasher, and not saying anything too outlandish; that’s the key to in-law indifference.

I’ve been in contact with lots of Swedish companies and am hopeful of getting something sorted for a short-term period in Stockholm; whilst planning the future job (Shanghai?); and studying Chinese alongside all of that.

I have huge amounts of details to spill from the past month; but it’s 23:50 here right now, Lina is about to hand in her homework. And I think we’re going to watch something shortly and chillax. (Fairly) Busy day for sending mails and doing Chinese.

Will try and get a spare timmar or so tomorrow, and spill the beans.