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October 26, 2013 at 1:25 am

Oh, hello everyone, this is David speaking now.

Just a cheeky check-in, as it has been 4 days since the last blog post.

“What the heck has been going on?” I hear you roar. Well, this is why I do this blog post, you see? Now it all makes sense.


To be brutally honest with you, I don’t think I did make that morning swim /gym, and I certainly didn’t manage to get another blog post in before 12:07 the following day.


But in more positive news; this is what i did done:

Wednesday: Chinese. Need I say any more? Wednesdays are Yuan Yuan Wu’s class (who’s grinding mine and Lina’s gears a bit at the moment) and I seem to spend at least 169 hours a week on preparation, and then homework. Leaving very little, if any time to wank myself silly. Anyway.. on Wednesday I had an in-class presentation on my classmate Markus, had a listening assignment due (88%, are you having a laugh? VG starts at 90%) and handed in my normal homework. I think this was all finished by about quarter past 11 UK time. I actually had a cheeky hour in the gym in the evening as well to give my brain a bit of a break as it was slightly full of fuck.

I also booked tickets to go and see Lina – I’m off on Monday 28th October – Tuesday 5th November. Which should be a very nice break and a welcome change of scenery. More in due course..


Thursday: Well deserved lay in. Although, is it technically a lay in when you get up at 10 /11, but went to bed after 2am the night before? Anyway, some sleep was done. BARNET CHOP. Swim, Gym. I spoke to Richard briefly the night before – he mentioned that Ledley King would be on Darius’ show (My Beautiful Dark Twisted?) #FantasyFootballLeague, and would I be interested in going down and meeting the man?



Not to be confused with…

Fantasy Football Club

Fantasy Football Club


To be honest, I was a bit unsure as to whether I wanted to go as;

a. It was going to be a busy end to the week and there were a couple of things I had tentatively pencilled into my diary e.g. a trip down to Nanoprotech Offices and Gap 50% Off Shopping Spree in London.

b. I’d met my hero a couple of months earlier at his book signing at The Big Green Bookshop in the big smoke. And managed to get a horrid, fat picture of me taken. So naturally, I was a contented man.

Ledley's (Auto)Biography

Ledley’s (Auto)Biography


Anyway, after some deliberation on Thursday mid-morning (matters?) I saw sense and decided the 2.5 hour schlepp from Meldreth station to Sky Studios in Syon Lane (via Kings X and Vauxhall), on the outskirts of West London would be worth it.

I met Richard on the train at Vauxhall and from there we had a beer each that I had courteously purchased at the station and had a nice little 聊天儿 about life in general, and catch-up. Including a pretty funny Paul Merson story, which can’t be put on the internet for legal reasons..

Anyway, we made it to the studio at approximately 18:10 and went into the guardhouse to get signed in and get our wristbands etc. After a little wait by another guardhouse, we were then escorted passed the security gates and into the recording studios complex. When we got in Darius had sent a lacky to fetch us and whipped us straight past security and into the green room.

We first spotted Paul Merson on the sofa (bothered?), and then looked around the corner and there sat Ledders. The Sheriff vs. Tottenham game was on the TV.. touch. We had a little talk and I got Ledders to sign my shirt.

image (4)

After about 5 /10 minutes we were called through to the studio – Darius had advised me to put on the shirt that I brought to get signed (The CL kit, with Ledley’s name on the back). Darius shoehorned us into the front of the audience, and I was moved in standing next to another couple of guys who were in Spurs shirts, front-centre.

The show was alright, and afterwards I managed to get a picture with Ledley on the set. After that we went into the Green Room again to sit and wait for things to finish. Said goodbye to Ledders as he went and then went to the pub with some of the staff and the presenters.

It was pretty funny to feel completely at ease /blasé about drinking with a couple of ‘celebrities’, but it was nice and chilled out and the guys were very cool and approachable. Me and Richard left the pub via a lift from Darius at approx. 21:40, I then had to do the journey in reverse and was home by about midnight.

A very strong evening.


Not happy with my boat

Not happy with my boat


Friday: Has been the definition of Bits & Bobs day, I’ve done various jobs that I’ve jotted down in my little black book. e.g. Ringing TSO Host and asking questions about the back-up of this blog, and buying AppleCare+ for my new iPhone. To name but two.

Richard has been home today which has been nice. This evening we went to Grandma and Rob’s to watch the show and saw various parts of myself on-screen a few times. I’m still having huge problems with my external HD… but this evening I was looking in detail at my older HD where I’ve transferred over some salvaged files, and was pretty happy with the quantity of pictures from China I have on there.. so I’ll have a last ditch attempt to get some more off of my HD before I leave for Sweden on Monday (DiskWarrior is running atm, but after having to quit after 5 days running on Thursday night, I’m not holding much hope it will be done by then.)

Brain Hurts now.



What have you been doing 大卫?

October 22, 2013 at 12:07 am

Evening All,


Apologies for the delay.. I’m aware that it’s been nearly 5 days (or 120 hours) depending on which way you want to look at it since my last post. Either way.. it’s late. You’ve been a slack cunt, and the blogosphere is not roligt. I’m also aware that I broke my promise r.e. another blog post.. so sorry about that. SORRY LINA.

Apart from that, let’s get over the fact that this is essentially YOUR diary, and you’ve been busy anyway. So get the hell off my back. Some people.

I started writing this post, and clicked on a video Arcade Fire posted on FB. It’s on in the background for the second time; I like it. I’ve tried not to listen to any of their promo for the next album – as an #ArcadeFireist I’ve tried to take a purist’s approach to the new album – waiting for the proper album to land (320kbps fyi) and to listen from track one to thirteen. No shuffle. Maybe headphones, maybe just my good speakers. Very few albums get that treatment fyi. But… curiosity got the better of me. I like it, and the video as well.

Looking forwards to listening to the album very soon. :ninja: (tomorrow? depends on the delicate computer sitch- I don’t want to upset the eco-system, explanation follows)


Anyway, here’s an update on my life over the past 5 days:

On Thursday morning I DID manage to get up for a swim early doors, which was lovely. Blogging is a good way to put a bit more pressure on me to actually get my fanny out of the bed in the morning, so I’m going to call it in for tomorrow AM as well.

7AM Alarm, Swim & Gym, Breakfast /Shit hot Coffee, 9AM Chinese Characters, Homework in by 12:00 please. On my desk. Kenneths Däck.


To be honest, the last few days have just been a blur of Chinese. Lots of homework, even a fair amount of extra-curricular (copying vocab from Tianjin into my book, pinyining 北京欢迎你.. you can tell I’m avoiding doing other things.)

As I mentioned before, my external hard-drive is fooked. I got a program called DiskWarrior, which after running for 48h in the background managed to allow me to transfer over approx 400GB of data before fucking off again. The only thing I really wanted to save was my China pictures – fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how much you like me) I copied over the wrong pictures and the HD died again by the time I realised. I therefore started the progress again on Sunday afternoon and fingers crossed it will be finished on Tuesday afternoon after another 48h.

DiskWarrior lolz

DiskWarrior lolz

Although tbh I’m not holding my breath. I’m feeling pretty zen like about the whole thing anyway – I have got plenty of phone pictures, uploaded some to fb and have plenty of other memories. You win some, and you lose some. And you realise the hard way that it is worth having a more recent backup than 6 months prior, because despite your HardDrive being in mint condition and 8 months old, WesternDigital can’t be fucking trusted.


On Saturday I went to watch Cambridge United with Ashley. Out of a prospective 5 of us, only me and Ashley made it (thanks to football snobbery, work, and pussy-whipping…). Anyway. Me and Ashley are a bloody good pair, and it was a nice day.

After a short walk towards the Grafton Centre side of Cambridge we decided to grab a couple of pints in The Snug and talk each others ears off. Classic scenes.

Thoroughly drunk, we tried Tesco for a beer for the road, but they didn’t stock them. (Cheers anti-social behaviour, and Cambridge’s homeless population).

We then walked for approx 20 mins across the city, past some cows, through a field and arrived at the stadium. We paid £15 on the gate (bit much for Conference football, innit?) and made our way into the Newmarket Road Standing Section (North Stand).

Cambridge vs. Salisbury (2:0)

Cambridge vs. Salisbury (2:0)

The game wasn’t awful, and Cambridge won 2-0 against Salisbury who were 4th in the table. Cambridge remain unbeaten and 6 points top of the league – it would be really nice to see them back in the football league after a few years. Something worth noting, is there was a female referee (who was hit and miss to be fair) – but rest assured that sexism is alive and well in the Cambridge United stands. #PCGoneMad

After the match we went to The Free Press Pub which is a really nice independent (or if it’s not I’m surprised) pub, selling ‘hipster beer’ as I like to call it – i.e. lovely (foreign) beer you haven’t heard of before, at a slightly higher price than The Dolphin. I’d probably get a mouthful of abuse from my Melbourn pals for getting ideas above my station, and appreciating the finer things in life. Either way, it was right up my alley.



image (3)

Afterwards I got the train back to Melbourn, via the Fish and Chip shop (I always want to say obrigado when I get my order, but don’t have the cojones to do so) and had a relaxed evening.


The rest of the time has pretty much been Chinese. Hopefully tomorrow PM I will make some strides towards work /business sitch which I will divulge in more details later. Writing and typing has resulted in my thumb becoming uncooperative.


Anyway, Talk later (tomorrow?),


Davis x


I’ve been listening to múm’s latest album ‘Smilewound’ a lot today. I like it a lot. I can’t really find the song I like most on YT, or a CD version of the song below. Anyway, I think you get the gist of it. It’s a very dreamy, easy to listen to, yet complex albun. Bon Appétit. x




October 17, 2013 at 12:51 am

Oh hej babes,

Just a very quick check-in at 01:28 on Thursday (technically) 17th October 2013. This song feels like it’s on its way out of my brain /body much like an infectious disease.. but rest assured that it’s been stewing there for at least the past 24h, marinating in my brain juices. 好吃吗?

Monday – Wednesday has primarily consisted of Chinese classes (中文课 to you). Oral Proficiency (sounds pretty nawty, rofl!1), Characters and Speech and Writing. Your days have primarily consisted of a lecture and then spending the rest of the effing day doing homework for the aforementioned classes.

Thursday is sort of the start of my weekend at the moment, although obviously I’m doing various bits of work and planning throughout. Anyway, it’s a fucking relief to have a couple of days away from an intense onslaught of Chinese.


What else has happened? I managed to get up and do that swim on Monday morning with about 5 hours of sleep in my system. Despite the aching joints it was lovely to get up early and do something to start my day right. I was much more awake /active in the morning. I am thusly making another big claim now; I will get up at approx 7:20 tomorrow (8:20 Central European Time for any of my Sweden-based readers) and get another swim in to start my day right. 加油大卫!

"Delivery for Mr. Partridge".

“Delivery for Mr. Partridge”.

I received my very first iPhone on Monday morning, earlier than expected. Direct from the factory in bloomin’ China! I packaged up my old HTC One X today and sent that off to the big phone recycling farm in the sky, well the company was based in Norwich actually. Which is good stuff in my book. I’ve downloaded a few apps etc. but am still yet to really get to grips with the phone (literally, it’s covered in Apple cling film still).. I’m assuming that starts tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m knackered. My back is genuinely aching from being hunched over my desk for 3 days writing nonsense, so I’m getting some much deserved sleep.

I’ll give you a much better update tomorrow. Promise.


/大卫 x

Schönes Wochenende

October 13, 2013 at 11:17 pm

Evening all,

Just a quick check-in as it’s been a couple of days since my debut post.

The weekend (yes I’m including Friday in that, why wouldn’t I?) has been ok. I’m slowly going a bit crazy back at home from lack of human contact, but it has been a reasonably productive few days.

On Friday I signed up for a couple of weeks at Melbourn Gym – I watched the England game there on Friday night at a canter and have managed to get in a swim on Saturday and Sunday as well. On Saturday I managed to do a whole length underwater, which is some pretty impressive shiz for me. I was beginning to think 10 seconds under water was my record.


Andros Townsend scores on his England debut vs. Black Mountain (4-1)

I’ve done a lot of Chinese over the past couple of days, handing in one piece for Oral Proficiency this evening. My brain has certainly been less full of fuck in the past, although it’s not been too bad. You’ve certainly had worse.



I’ve managed to get through the whole season of ‘Educating Essex’ on 4OD (7 episodes, approx 5h 15mins, approx 50% of the time on in the background), which is actually FANTASTISK. I thought Educating Yorkshire was a great show, but this puppy (the original as far as I’m aware) was brilliant. It’s difficult not feel empathy, respect and inspiration throughout the series. Young people aren’t bad guys.. no matter what Rupert Murdoch’s media empire tells you.

Mr. Drew is an absolute hero.

I’ve also been talking to Lina a lot on facebook and Skype. Which has been lovely (and I’ve been prettttyy hilarious).



Other bits and pieces that I can think of right now; Cooked a great steak, my HardDrive is effed.. the story will continue, Lots of Incense burned, iPhone has left China and will be with me soon.

I need to hit the hay shortly as I’m planning on starting my day at 7 AM Swimmin’ and Gymin’, before heading back to Breakfast and have class at 9AM. I didn’t go to sleep until 4 yesterday morning so this is a big test for the body clock.

Talk soon babes. x


Edwyn Collins’ cover of ‘Love’s been good to me’ has probably been my track of the w/e but YouTube does not seem to have it in stock (I did ask a guy). Why not listen to Frankie Sinatra and Johnny Cash cover it instead. #TopLads #TopBants.

Both uniquely brilliant. I don’t think we make them like that any more.

Post Numero One

October 11, 2013 at 2:00 am

In the words of one of my favourite football commentators..

“Good evening everyone.”


The time is 02:39 on Friday 11th October 2013 as I’m (Sean) penning my first proper blog post on my humble wordpress website.


What better way to start, than to explain what the heck is going on, and lay down a couple of initial ground rules that I have set myself:

1. This is a personal project. It’s essentially going to be an online diary to be used solely for my own purposes. I don’t really care if anyone reads it, but looking back in 1 /2 /3 (optimistic?) years time I’m sure that I’ll be glad that this blog exists. It may evolve in time, but this is and will certainly stay the primary reason throughout.

2. Blog. Do it regularly; get down the shiz that is going on in my life /head. I wish I’d done this a bit more earlier on in my post-graduation life as I’ve been moving around the world, and hope that I can draw some inspiration as life changes and progresses. And it will sunshine.

Talk later.